Six Ways Bath Overflow Can Damage Your Home

Bath overflow can cause expensive damage to your home making it unsafe and unhealthy to live in. Bath overflow can damage your home floors, ceilings, walls, carpets and furniture. Find out about the risks and how to protect your home.

How safe is your Shower – When Should You Invest in a Disabled Shower?

Maintaining independence within the comfort of your own home for yourself or a loved one with disabilities is essential. There comes a time when you need to think about investing in a disabled shower. We guide you through this process. Read this article to find out when and why you should make this decision.

Improve Accessibility and Privacy with Automated Disabled Toilet Doors

Automated disabled toilet doors alleviate the challenges a wheelchair or scooter bound disabled person faces when trying to use a public restroom. Automatic disabled door openers can be installed in homes just as easily as they can be in commercial or retail establishments. Find out how they provide safety, independence and privacy for all disabled people.

Guidelines for Choosing Disability Friendly Walk-in Baths

There are many types and brands of walk-in baths on the market today with a variety of guarantees. We provide guidelines to help you choose the one that is right for you. How do you go about choosing the right walk-in bath for your needs or a loved one’s needs? We guide you through this important decision.

How you can help those who are living with Permanent Disability

There are so many ways you can help someone you love that is living with a permanent disability. It is great to share knowledge and we have written a piece on helping people who live with permanent disability.

Accessing Disability Resources in New Zealand

There are numerous disability resources in NZ available to you. Organisations can help with finances, specialised disability friendly equipment or employment related queries. Read about these valuable resources here.

How Disability Equipment can enrich your Life

Thinking about shopping for disability equipment? Read this article first to ensure you get the most of your purchases!

Five Words to Keep in Mind when Creating a Disability Friendly Bathroom

Mobility, Hygiene, Independence, Privacy and Relaxation are the five key words to keep in mind when creating a disability friendly bathroom. Find out more

Four Steps to Make your Home Accessible & Disability Friendly

Thinking through the process to make your home fully accessible and disability friendly can be daunting. There are many different areas to consider and plan out. The best way to tackle the job at hand is to break it down.

How to Setup a Disability Friendly Kitchen for a Loved One


Creating a disability friendly kitchen for a family member or friend is a lot easier than you would think. Find out why