Disabled Access

Emergency Preparedness When Living with a Disability

Most individuals living in New Zealand may never have to face a life-threatening emergency. However, it is pragmatic to prepare your home and your car for large and small incidences. Small emergencies can include losing power, a loss of heating, or your car breaking down. Larger emergencies may include floods, fires, and pandemics. Stocking up on supplies and taking the right steps to adapt your home can make all the difference to your quality of life during emergencies. Find out more.

Understanding the Ministry of Healths Home Modification Funding

Modifying your home so that it meets the needs of your disability is not as expensive as you think. The Ministry of Health (MoH) provides financial assistance to many New Zealand residents who may need to make home modifications for themselves or their disabled children. If it is difficult for you to get around your home and perform everyday tasks because of your disability, it is worth checking out the MoH’s guidelines to see if you are eligible for financial assistance.

Wheelchair Accessible Travel Ideas In New Zealand

When you think of touring New Zealand, cities like Wellington and Auckland may be on your list but you probably want to see the natural wonders and journey to Middle Earth. Travelling is exciting but can be challenging for those of us in wheelchairs. There are agencies in NZ that are devoted to providing wheelchair bound and mature travellers with as many opportunities for adventure and discovery in NZ as possible. Read more about this here.

Benefits of Including Disability Equipment in the Workplace

Organisations could take a closer look at disability equipment when planning and refurbishing their premises. A seemingly ordinary fixture such a disability hand basin can speak volumes about how you value your employees, your customers and the community you serve. People who live with mobility issues have sharpened their practical problem solving skills and this can be applied to the workplace. Companies looking for talent can invest in simple disability-friendly facilities like hand basins as a way to attract a new skills pool. Read more about this issue here.

Guidelines to get a Disabled Parking Permit in New Zealand

New Zealand is clamping down on motorists who are taking advantage of the mobility-parking scheme. The mobility parking scheme allows people with mobility issues to park on metered or time-restricted parking areas, regular parking spaces, or mobility parking spaces for a longer period of time. Disability parking permits have been a hot issue lately because of the many complaints received by CSS Disability Action regarding the use of designated spaces by people who are not eligible and who do not have the permit. Read more about the story here.

How a Disabled Access Bathroom Creates a Sustainable Business

One challenge for many businesses is creating a safer environment for people with disabilities. Here is how a disabled access bathroom can help. Read more about this issue here.

Empowering Disabled People through Disability Laws in New Zealand

New Zealand is at the forefront of pushing for the rights of disabled people through our many different disability laws. Thus protecting people against discrimination and recognising their contribution to society. Disability strategies have been strongly enforced in New Zealand so that people with disabilities can integrate more easily. To gain a better understanding of the laws protecting their rights, go here.

Installing a Disability Access Ramp in Your Home

Disability access ramps provide convenience to those who use wheelchairs. They can be installed in your home and are especially useful for entranceways. Are you thinking about installing a disability access ramp in your home? There are some considerations you should make before you get going. Read more here.

Improve Accessibility and Privacy with Automated Disabled Toilet Doors

Automated disabled toilet doors alleviate the challenges a wheelchair or scooter bound disabled person faces when trying to use a public restroom. Automatic disabled door openers can be installed in homes just as easily as they can be in commercial or retail establishments. Find out how they provide safety, independence and privacy for all disabled people.

Guidelines for Choosing Disability Friendly Walk-in Baths

There are many types and brands of walk-in baths on the market today with a variety of guarantees. We provide guidelines to help you choose the one that is right for you. How do you go about choosing the right walk-in bath for your needs or a loved one’s needs? We guide you through this important decision.

How you can help those who are living with Permanent Disability

There are so many ways you can help someone you love that is living with a permanent disability. It is great to share knowledge and we have written a piece on helping people who live with permanent disability.

Four Steps to Make your Home Accessible & Disability Friendly

Thinking through the process to make your home fully accessible and disability friendly can be daunting. There are many different areas to consider and plan out. The best way to tackle the job at hand is to break it down.