How to “Get Thru” an Earthquake:

For those of us with mobility impairments or disabilities, the right response will help you “get thru” any obstacle, even an earthquake.

The Beaches for Everyone Project

A plastic beach mat was trialled on Mount Main Beach and Pilot Bay last year and it gave a chance to the local wheelchair-bound people to visit the beach, feel the sand, and experience the waves

Gardening from a wheelchair

From physical exercise to mental wellbeing, the love of maintaining an aesthetically beautiful outdoor space to the joy in nurturing new plant life and perhaps even growing wholesome food for your cupboards, there are countless reasons that humans have always been drawn to gardening. For some it is a necessity, others a hobby, and others it is a form of therapy. Often it’s all of the above. While your wheelchair may present certain challenges that able bodied gardeners are unaffected by, there are steps you can take to design or adapt your space and create a user-friendly garden and toolkit that takes your personal needs into account.

Sport opportunities for people with disabilities

Today, across New Zealand and worldwide, there are countless opportunities for aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts with disabilities, and a wealth of agencies and organisations who can support you in achieving your personal goals.

Disability equipment showroom in Auckland now open!

We have a new showroom for a wide range of our disability equipment now open within the Tile Depot store on Rosebank Road in Avondale, Auckland.

Emergency Preparedness When Living with a Disability

Most individuals living in New Zealand may never have to face a life-threatening emergency. However, it is pragmatic to prepare your home and your car for large and small incidences. Small emergencies can include losing power, a loss of heating, or your car breaking down. Larger emergencies may include floods, fires, and pandemics. Stocking up on supplies and taking the right steps to adapt your home can make all the difference to your quality of life during emergencies. Find out more.

Enjoying Cooking when you have a Disability

Cooking is one of life’s greatest and most simple pleasures. If you enjoy it, you are engaging in an activity that is creative and healthy. When you have a permanent or temporary disability, cooking can become challenging. Few standard kitchens have the right access levels, and may even have the wrong depth. No two disabilities are the same, but there are some general ways to make sure you continue cooking as a disabled person, while still being able to enjoy the process.

What You Need to Know About Health Screening in New Zealand

In 2010, a study published in the Journal of Women’s Health1 revealed that women who have a disability are less likely to present for routine mammograms. Health screening in New Zealand is central to catching cancer early. Read this article to find out the routine procedures offered by New Zealand’s National Screening Unit.

Understanding the Ministry of Healths Home Modification Funding

Modifying your home so that it meets the needs of your disability is not as expensive as you think. The Ministry of Health (MoH) provides financial assistance to many New Zealand residents who may need to make home modifications for themselves or their disabled children. If it is difficult for you to get around your home and perform everyday tasks because of your disability, it is worth checking out the MoH’s guidelines to see if you are eligible for financial assistance.

Preventing Accidents in the Bathroom

While bathrooms are relaxing, they can often become hazardous. Not taking the right steps to make your bathroom safe for you or your child when you have a disability can lead to accidents. Learn few simple ways to reduce the chances of accidents in the bathroom.