Our Story

Alice, Samuel, Hilary & Steve Cove-Smith

Alice, Samuel, Hilary & Steve Cove-Smith

Creative Living director Steve Cove-Smith was motivated to start up the business due to personal experience.

His two children, a daughter and son, suffer from cerebral palsy and autism. This has made life a challenge, but with this in mind, Creative Living aims to improve the health and independence  of people with mobility impairments and disabilities within New Zealand.

Suffering from Cerebral Palsy following a premature birth, Steve’s daughter is dependent on her power wheelchair.  Their house, vehicle and her school have been modified to meet her daily needs and with these adaptions it has given her a more independent  lifestyle.  She is currently studying Applied Writing and hopes to become a novelist.  His son attends the local Blomfield Special School and Resource Centre and he enjoys walking, going to the beach and the outside lifestyle which is more readily available to him since moving to New Zealand from the UK several years ago.

Creative Living seeks to empathise with customers, understand their needs on a deep level, and to apply our personal experiences in our daily work ethic.  With these experiences to hand it has made us more determined to provide quality and functional products along with caring customer service.